Our Story

Porkosaurus began with only a handful of FedEx employees who equally enjoyed barbecue and camaraderie. After many backyard barbecues with family and friends, we decided to throw our hats into the competitive cooking ring. Our newly created team quickly learned that cooking in the back yard was vastly different from that of competitive barbecue. Who knew? Determined to master the competitive circuit, we cooked, ate, reflected, ate some more, learned and repeated (for science of course). We even analyzed our competitors by devouring all the barbecue we could get our hands on. Through these other competitors (and several friends), we learned the secrets of low and slow cooking.

 Over time, our enthusiasm inspired both friends and more co-workers to join our team. What started as a local team in Memphis grew to include members from all over the country. Not only did we expand from a geography standpoint, but our diversity was vast. The company we are today is still made out of some of those original Fedex Aircraft Mechanics, but also includes a FDNY Firefighter, a Philly Policeman, an HBO Webmaster, a couple of Air Traffic Controllers and so much more. Our Company is as diverse as our flavor is unique.  

 When Porkosaurus started as a small Competition BBQ Team over 25 years ago, we never imagined it would grow to be the award-winning BBQ Company it is today. With the record most World Barbecue Cooking Championship Wins, we are proud to now be able to offer our World Championship BBQ Products to you.